Thursday, June 29, 2006

More MoCCA

Drawings from the day I went to MoCCA...

Girl on train with yippy dog from NYC----> New Haven

Grand Central Station, Ny

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

revisiting the cat...with color?

Ok, so yes, as you noticed... I've already posted this drawing...
But I've been toolin around with color...thought this looked kinda cool...
And well..
I just thought I might share it with all you fine peoples..
(who never leave comments... :-( )

little red riding model

More drawings from a model

These drawings are from my last life drawing session of the season... (although, as I said earlier on, I have a lot of charcoal drawings to post from the semester...)
Gimme time folks..

Monday, June 19, 2006

tea and ducks

Duck pond on Boston common..

Tealuxe Newbury street

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

this is an audio post - click to play


So this weekend I went to MoCCa in NYC, in SoHo, for the comic art fest...
It was a lot of fun..I got to drop my book off at a few publishers, like Top Shelf, the people that publish Flight...Meat Haus
And a few artists...
It was really fun...a little overwhelming..but great.
I got to meet a lot of my favorite artists.. including Farel Dalrymple... whom I really admire.
I was so totally awkward when I met him...but he did a drawing in my sketchbook!
So it was worth it.

Anyhoo- if any of you want a copy of Malarkey, our comic anthology, get intouch with me!
More old doodles-es.

Me inspecting my belly button...

Some old lady from my b-b-b-b-brain.

way old sketch dump

So this here stuff.... is pretty damn old actually... from like last yearland.
But I think they're kinda fun...
Click on the picures for bigger versions..

Marilyn Monroe..

Yuko Shimizu inspired...I looooove her work..she's rad..

This was just a little something something I did for some friends for their band...but it didnt get anywhere really..

An anorexic model from life drawing.

kitties and feet

Chris's kitty in the window

My feet..

Chris n Chemo

B E P......chemo bags

Chris recieving chemo- first week....still with hair..

a couple weeks later...

These drawings didn't scan so well... I have a moleskin with creamy off-white pages...and even with tweaking my levels in photoshop... my pencil lines get a little lost. And in the last drawing especially... I was goofing around with a photo sensitive blue pencil...and of course, that, when I scanned... mostly disappeared...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Life drawings from April 06

These are just a couple of many, many life drawings from this year.
Most of which are charcoal..however, these two are ink and colored pencil.
I'll be posting more of these soon..

Berklee Barber shop in the South End

Espresso Royal

more sketches Paris and Amsterdam

Our hotel window, Amsterdam, Holland

Damrak Square, outside a cafe, Amsterdam

Some Moulin Rouge doodles...we went and saw FĂ©erie...and it was awesome!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

sketches from Paris, March 2006

These are some sketches I did a couple of months ago while I was on a trip through Europe with my mom.

This is at Gare du Nord...please forgive my conjugations if my French is wrong... hahah

This is just a random scene outside a window...


Hey world..
here I am...creating a sketchblog.
I'm hoping that this will help me be more proactive in showing my illustrations and animations.
I hope you enjoy..

First and foremost... myself..on a stickynote.
And please bare with me while I work out the kinks...and figure out this whole blog thing...