Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sketch crawl Boston 2009!

Sketch crawl!!
So for those of you who have no idea what a sketch crawl is...
it's where artist get together and draw!
So this past Saturday was the official sketch crawl day!
Chris and I went out, met a couple of friends, made some new ones.. and drew all day!
It was pretty awesome.
So here's what I did!
We started at The Middle East in Cambridge...
And because it was raining..we actually didn't even make it out of Central Square.
We were going to make our way to Harvard Square..but it was cold and wet.
But we still had a good time!
The next one is in 3 months, I highly recommend you all join in.
(all of you that draw that is..)

This was at "The Tavern"- a sports bar..
You can tell I'm not a "sports bar" kind of person.
Still fun!
I love it when people yell and the tv..
I feel I have to remind them that the Red Sox can't hear them..
Oye vay..

Middle East

my pal and fellow animator Matt

Matt's lovely fiance Ellen who is also a talented illustrator
her sketchblog

A lamp and other mind goodies.
Oh and boobs.

Other fellow sketch crawlers at "The Field"