Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Itsy bitsy teensy weensy drawings

So recently I've gotten very interested in some experimenting..
Taking myself a little tiny bit out of my normal comfort zone..and some really fun things have come out of it.
I've been trying my hand at making these really small, detailed, line drawings by just using a micron, with no preliminary pencil sketch first.
Most of the microns have been .005 or like .03.
The other new developement has been gouache.
I used to use gouache every once and a while...but basically had a pretty negative experience with it at school. (While I was still in the illustration department...)
But now trying it again in my own time.. I seem to be having more fun with it..
So anyway, here's some new fun drawings!

ps: gouache is used in the paintings that are more opaque, and the ones that are more translucent are watercolor. And if you'd like a more detailed look, click the pictures for a bigger version!)

Yes that's a starbucks cup.

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you should upgrade!!!