Thursday, July 03, 2008

my space.

So Chris and I were talking about how cool it is to see other artists' spaces and materials. So I decided to make a little photo collage thinger..
Showing and explaining the whys and whats of my space.

1. obviously wonder woman wearing a mardis gras feather mask.
2. many scarfs hanging from hanger...hanging from window..
3. sarong things hanging over white curtains.
4. steadfast Powerbook G4!
5. not so steadfast printer/scanner... (haven't used the printer since.. like freshman year of college...(underneath, monitor, used for detail photoshop stuff)
6. oil painting in progress (although, it's been neglected for about a week now)
7. dried roses hanging over bed
8. broken cd player (I plug it into my computer- use the speakers)
9. misc. "Sarah" things.. incase I forget my name- (thanks mom)

So this is sort of the entirety of my room... in a sort of cut and paste panoramic kind of view from the door.

Here's a little closer look where I sit when I draw.

Here's a wee closer look.

1. travel case with misc. watercolor pencils, pitt brush pen- black and brown, stadler lead holder- 2H lead.
2. cheapest, awesomest, waterbrush for travel watercolors- Highly recommend!!(you can get them for super cheap at Paper Source or The Art Store.. probably Utrecht too..
3. elephant ear
4. travel watercolor case. I love, love, love this little thing! So handy dandy for those on the go watercolor needs!
5. small sketchbook- generally I prefer moleskins, but Chris got me this little guy because I was in a slump, and needed a crappy little sketchbook I wasn't afraid to ruin... so far it's treated me pretty well! (this is an Ecojot)
6. various ADD crap- including, but not limited to, misc beady necklaces, cell phone, old pay checks, roll of painters' tape, sleep aid, snack baggy of rolaids, ex hard drive.
7. photo of family from a church thing from a super long time ago... when we were churchy.
8. crappy printer we spoke about earlier.
9. my superhero stead of a computer... ::loves her mac:: ::purrrrrrr:: notice awesome desktop photo of fat girls on beer cans... the beer is called "Frothingslosh"...
10. trusty wacom tablet.

And of course..
We mustn't forget our nag champa incense.

My space.
Hope you enjoyed.


Shelli Parachutes said...

Neat! I feel a bit closer to you now after seeing your space. I always enjoyed your sense of decor.

Miss you!

s a r a h gay said...

Like wise my darling..
I miss your keen sense of design..
And your wit.