Thursday, March 05, 2009

some figure drawings

Here's a collection of figure drawings.
Some very short gestures and some long poses.


Susan Chien said...

Wow! When did you do these? If they're recent, are you taking a life drawing class somewhere?

s a r a h gay said...

Naw I wish I was taking a class.
I love figure drawing.

These are actually a couple of years old!
I heard though, that Massart is still doing open drawing sessions from 12-2...on...I can't remember what days, so I think I'd like to start trying to do that again

Ellen said...

Love love love the second and fourth. The second for the contrast between rough and soft shading (seeing evidence of the drawing material = yum!) and the fourth for the wonderful and perfect gesture drawings!

p.s. Blogger won't let me log in! Phooey!

eignh said...

hey i think i remember that guy.

s a r a h gay said...

Remember Paul?
Or the guy spread eagle?


Amanda Atkins said...

those are beautiful. makes me miss figure drawing class!