Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome to 2011

With that said...
I've been bad and haven't been updating this blog nearly enough.
Partially because our scanner broke..
So unfortunately...most of these are photos of my work instead of beautiful crisp scans.

Things have been fairly exciting this past year, so I felt it was time to update and share.

Currently me and 11 other Grad students at MassArt are showing work at the Arnheim Gallery (until Saturday).

We had a preview show last night, with a fairly good turn out.
Here are some people watching my animations.

Stills from the animations

Close-ups of new illustrative work.

Here are some new animated pieces


Old Dr. Sketchy's drawings.
(Burlesque figure drawing wonderfulness)

West End Library Show

Holiday Show in Somerville Lofts

Random drawings

More holiday show work

Older work from over the summer


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Sometimes I think photos of work are even better than scans. I love seeing the edges of sketchbooks and the walls behind paintings.
I can't wait for your opening tomorrow! yayyy!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! So wonderful! I love the preciousness of the small chair and legs pieces.

s a r a h gay said...

Aww thank you ladies :)